Ultrasonic is the new generation of microdermabrasion or what is being called soft peeling. There is little to no redness or downtime with this treatment. Offers oblation or retexturing results with the safe and gentle use of ultrasound vibration of up to 28,000 cycles per second.

Benefits of Ultrasonic


A gentle calm soothing facial for all skin undergoing chemotherapy. The goal is to soften and lift dead cells while starting the strengthening and building process with vital antioxidants, peptides and essential nutrients. 60Min/$70

Healthy Glow Esthetics offers a specialized experience with every step custom-fit to you. An expert esthetician will select the formulation for you from a range of the finest holistic medical skin care and wellness solution-based products.


Enzyme Treatment 30Min/$35

Microdermabrasion/Enzyme Treatment 45Min/$50


Waxing & Sugaring


Enzyme Treatment 60Min/$65

Microdermabrasion/Enyzme Treatment 90Min/$95


    Hand Treatment 10Min/$10

      Ultimate Eye Treatment 10Min/$10

Our body treatments are beneficial for those areas that need to be treated for acne, or photo aging damage. Our treatment includes deep pore cleansing and two types of exfoliation based on skin condition and Personal skin concerns. We will customize your treatment, and finish with mask, moisturizer and serum that will treat and nourish the skin.


Reaches the deepest intraepidermal layers where the skin peels in large segments. Skin becomes brown and crusted prior to considerable peeling, occurring three to four days after application. The typical recovery period last seven to ten days. A deep peel restores and renews skin with the most dramatic results. 45Min/$150


These peels affect the intraepidermal layer where exfoliation typically occurs within two to three days after application. Med-depth peels provide more full face exfoliation and sometimes turns dark brown just before flaking occurs. Client's skin typically experiences this exfoliation for two to four days. 45Min/$120


Not seeing that radiant pregnant "glow"? The Mommy To Be Facial offers a safe relaxing indulgence that will replenish the skin to reveal a youthful, glowing complexion that will keep mommy to be sparking through the entire. 60Min/$70


Recommended For: All Skin Types: An uplifting experience that will turn back time. Get pampered with a double enzyme exfoliation deeply cleanses skin and our botanical protein mask provides intense stimulation for facial muscles. With the added luxury of a hand treatment, focused attention on the eye area, soothing massages and hot towel treatment this facial will keep you coming back90Min/$145

<Brigthens a dull complexion

<Evens out skin tone

<Lighten acne scars and marks

<Improve skin texture

<Erase age spots

<Help skin care products absorb better into the skin



Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that often uses crystals and/or diamond tip to exfoliate and remove the superficial layer of dry dead skin cells.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion


Recommended For: Acne/Oily Skin: Incorporating a holistic facial and wellness assessment, this gentle but effective treatment targets the source of blemishes, balance oil, and helps retain skin to maintain a healthier, clear condition. Refresh your skin and maximize its ability to resist itself. The finishing touch is a personalized skin care program created specifically for you. 60Min/$85


Recommended For: Aging Skin: Our most active facial treatment accelerates and maximize the product benefits with a handcrafted massage technique, allowing you to feel and see the results immediately. Skin appears more even with enhanced elasticity, texture, tone, and clarity for a refreshed, nourished, and youthful look. There's nothing lovelier than Healthy cared for skin. 60Min/$85


Recommended For: Hyperpigmented/Uneven Skin: To restore radiance, this treatment delivers nutrients to the skin to improve the signs of environmental damage from sun, pollution, and stress. Pigment-correcting boosters, powerful vitamin A and C to help to re-establish the look of clarity and firmness and help guard against further damage. Skin appears brighter, smoother, and a more youthful radiance is revealed. Like no facial you've ever experienced, the facial will leave your skin glowing for weeks with its breakthrough fusion technology. 60Min/$85


Recommended For: All Skin Types: Combines are rejuvenating facial infusion, active power blends, and mask to provide exceptional results without compromising the health of the skin. Treatments based on customization envelope the skin with concentrated formula is to increase cellular turnover, heal, lighten and lift hyperpigmentation and impurities. 60Min/$115


Recommended For: Sensitive/Rosacea Skin: This facial is formulated to rehabilitate intolerant skin and reverse the skin sensitivity and irritation through promoting and protecting Healthy collagen and supporting the skin's immune function. An infusion of innovative ingredients will create a healthy glow while addressing any troubled areas. This delightful pampering facial will leave your skin visibly smoother and more radiant with a improved barrier. 60Min/$85


Recommended For: Dry Skin: A luxurious facial that nurtures skin, feels wonderful and makes you look terrific. Your face will be cleansed with sulfate-free cleansers, gently exfoliated to remove dull surface cells and richly nourished with customized serums. Your face, neck, and shoulders will be massaged with artisan oils and you"ll be hydrated with a masque chosen for your individual skin. This treatment also features a proprietary anti-aging thermal eye therapy to provide a rested look. 60Min/$85


This treatment does not usually cause immediate exfoliation and only remove the Stratum Corneum. The skin will look refreshed and glowing. As treatments are repeated, the skin will experience a mild sloughing. 60Min/$90


Using the power of raw organic minerals, plants and cutting-edge Bio-Tech ingredients, The Gentleman's experience offers man the ultimate treatment to rejuvenate their skin, leaving the face refreshed and vibrant for weeks. You will love the aroma and tingling sensation while cooling and heating the applications enhance the face facial experience. Men will see immediate difference in their skin. 60Min/$70

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<Smoother, soften skin

<Improve skin texture

<Increase oxygen

<It can adjust skin sebum secretion and effectively get rid of acne 

<Curing wounds purpose



LED light therapy works by using on array of bright light-emitting diodes that send low-level energy into the deeper layers of the skin. It is a painless, relaxing, non-invasive skin-care treatment.

Benefits of LED Light Therapy


<Improved skin circulation


<Reduction of clogged pores, excess oil and dry skin

<Drains away puffiness

<Improve elasticity and firmness of the skin

<Smooths out lines and wrinkles 

<Restoring a youthful Healthy complexion


Refresh tired, dull skin with double the exfoliation. Give skin a deep polish, infusing it with much needed hydration and nutrients. You will love the refreshing aroma of papaya and pineapple while soothing elements and collagen-building properties aid skin for mitochondria support. 30Min/$45




The RA Men Express Facial is a gentle, yet corrective ingredients. Men will love the aroma and the tingling sensation while cooling and heating applications enhance the RA For Men experience. Men will see an immediate difference in their skin. This treatment will smooth, soften, hydrate, heal, balance tone, and refine skin, leaving the face refreshed and vibrant for weeks. 30Min/$45


Give teens quick, effective support with a thorough deep-poor cleanse for potent skin maintenance. This express facial uses digestive enzymes to support relief of Rosemary Basil Mask creates a healing, calming effect for vibrant skin. Less time-Great results! 30Min/$45





Micro-current bio lift is a safe non-invasive procedure that sculpts your face. Micro currents stimulate cells and re-educate muscles.

Benefits of Micro current

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Lash & Brow Tinting

Lash  Tinting 15Min/$15

Brow Tinting 15Min/$15

Lash & Brow Tinting 30Min/$27

Upper Lip $5

Underarm $10

Eyebrow $10

Chin $5

Stomach $20

Bikini $25

Half Arm $20

Full Arm $25

Half Leg $25

Full Leg $40

Back $40




A treatment for a variety of skin problems. The acids used can vary depending on skin type and tolerance. We select from a range of acids from Alpha Hydroxy & Beta Acids to TCA & Retinol. Benefits from these procedures may be smoother and softer skin, a healthier glow, less oil, more moisture, refined pores, an improvement in discoloration, diminishing fine lines and increasing acne control. 

<RED light is one of the most powerful colors to increase blood circulation

  aged, smoothing wrinkle and fine lines

<Stimulate skin cells to excrete collagen to achieve firm and smooth texture

<BLUE light has excellent effect of curing acne and kill bacterica